Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cap sur les Bahamas

CD electronic format.
Easy to read PDF, text and color illutrations.
Print version also available.

You are dreaming of wintering in the warmth of the Bahamas sun. The question is how to make the dream a reality. Well in two words, preparation and knowledge! Henri and I have prepared for and successfully executed the trip many times. We are approached regularly, with a multitude of questions from owners wanting to live this wonderful experience. Hence the creation of our complete Guide to everything you wanted to know and basically the answer to "How to prepare a boat for a winter in the sun". Our step by step guide covers all vessel preparation, maintenance, up grades, excellent suggestions and a real budget to work from. We also review communication, safety, suggest a few routes and a list of excellent marinas and professionals you can call upon for repairs. This is a proven formula for success, tried and proven by myself and Henri on many trips to the Bahamas. I operate four bare boat charter vessels in the summer on Lake Champlain and move them to the Bahamas for the winter season. I have completed this trip 10 times without any problems.
For years, Henri has extensively traveled on Lake Champlain. the East coast, Florida and the Bahamas for years. He has wintered with his wife and family in the Bahamas and his life on board experience is shared in our guide. This is a must have for anyone planning an extended trip to the Caribbean. Henri is semi retired, his past life included owner and editor of the magazine Quebec Yachting. He has been a leader in the industry all his life and brings a wealth of knowledge to our guide.

"Cap sur les Bahamas" is 120 page packed full of recomendations, ideas, trick and photos to insure a wonderful experience.
We offer our guide for $29.99 and CD for $19.99 it is available at Marina Gosselin store
and online via our website. Please add $5.00 for posting and handling.

Love to see you in the Bahamas next winter!!!